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The Evangelical Church in Drogomyśl

The evangelical church in Drogomyśl is one of the "churches of tolerance", which were erected by the so-called Patent of Toleration issued by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II in 1781. The building was built soon after, and was dedicated in 1797. It is interesting that the permit for the construction of the church tower was granted, because the Patent did not allow building them. The church is the seat of the Evangelical parish.

square Plac Kościelny im. F. Kalisza 2
43-424 Drogomyśl
Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia
in the country
Contact data
: 33 857-21-23
General Information
: churches, architectural monuments
Prices & amenities
: admission free
: whole year

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The Roman Catholic Church dedicated to Our Lady of Częstochowa in Drogomyśl in Cieszyn Silesia is one of the most interesting examples of modern religious architecture in Poland. The church was built in the 1960s. From the outside our attention is drawn by a multi-facade block of the repeated motif of a triangle, interior - stylistically heterogeneous - designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Second Vatican Council.
The Recreational and Educational Park „Dream Park Ochaby” is a “dream park“for many people. In the park there are an incredible number of attractions - both for children and adults. These are, among others, miniature models of the most interesting buildings in the world, moving models of dinosaurs, one of the first prehistoric oceanariums in Europe and a rope park. Children can weave through a maze in the field of corn or play as explorers of dinosaurs or experience an incredible adventure in the 6D cinema.
Ochaby Wielkie
For many years, the stud farm in Ochaby (in the commune of Skoczów, in the district of Cieszyn) has been known for breeding and selling Anglo-Arabian horses of the French type. At present, Polish half bred horses and modern sport horses are being bred here. The horses of Ochaby have won many races and competitions in Poland and abroad. The farm also deals with fish farming and crop production.
The Department of Ichthyobiology and Fishery is a research facility of the Polish Academy of Sciences, located in Gołysz, in the commune of Chybie. Its origins date back to 1953. Currently, the Department is doing, inter alia, research on the biological basis of fish farming, intensive methods of farming and the introduction of new species. The Department has a well-developed science base. The results are implemented in practice in the Experimental Facility of Pond Management in Gołysz.
Located near Cieszyn, Dębowiec is a picturesque spa resort, which geographically lies on the border of three provinces: the Cieszyn Foothills, the Cieszyn- Kończyce Highland and the Valley of the Upper Vistula. The valley of the Knajki river shapes the landscape near the village. Here, the terrain is flat with ponds for breeding fish.
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Ochaby Małe
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