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The Catholic Cemetery in Biała

One of the graveyards located within today’s Bielsko-Biala is an old Roman Catholic cemetery, which dates back to the time of the Confederation of Bar. Initially, participants of the Confederation were buried here. (The town was an important centre of the Confederation), and later, during the occupation of the town by the Austrians, the cemetery became a necropolis of Biała. The cemetery was officially established, when the churchyard was closed.

street Cmentarna
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia
in the city/town
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: historic cemeteries
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: admission free
: whole year

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The Church of Divine Providence is one of the most beautiful examples of the late and Neobaroque architecture in southern Poland. It was built in the second half of the 18th century, yet many elements were added during the 19th century rebuilding works. Attention shall be paid to the elegant façade with two towers. Inside the church a beautiful Rococo pulpit in the shape of a boat and the interior mainly from the 19th century have been preserved.
The Hotel „Under the Eagle”, located in the historic centre of Biała Krakowska, is a four-storey building erected at the beginning of the 20th century. Its architecture is a combination of Secession, Baroque and Classicism. Nowadays, since the 1990s it has been an office building and a shopping centre. Undoubtedly, the most magnificent part of the hotel is the splendid Redoute Hall – one of the most elegant of this kind in Poland.
The international route linking Bielsko-Biała (on the Polish side) with the Slovakian city of Martin is an excellent offer for fans of long-distance bike rides. Red markings lead from the city on the Biała river through the Soła valley and further to the border pass of Glinka, and finally through Orava and Liptov villages to Martin. The route is about 60 kilometers long in Poland, and about 100 kilometers in Slovakia. Good form and three free days at best are required.
Today's Liberty Square (Plac Wolności) in Bielsko-Biala is one of the two town markets of Biała Krakowska. It has an approximately rectangular shape measuring 75 by 40 m. The square was laid out in the late eighteenth century. 11 Listopada Street runs along its southern frontage. It is the main promenade and shopping street in Bielsko-Biala. The paved square is partly a pedestrian zone, and partly a pay car park and a taxi rank.
The edifice of the erstwhile Town Hall located at the Town Hall Square is one of the emblematic buildings of Bielsko-Biala. It is a magnificent and elegant building erected in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1895-1897. It was designed by Emanuel Rost. The town hall, like many other buildings in BielskoBiala, clearly refers to the architecture of Vienna.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail
The restaurant is located in a historic building, which dates back in 1896.
The restaurant is located on Pszczyna market in a historic house, whose traditions date back to the eighteenth century.
The restaurant is situated in a picturesque village, on the edge of the Pszczyna forests, vis a vis Bison Reserve "Żubro... More>>
Restauracja Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki jest usytuowana w samym sercu pięknej, urokliwej Wisły.
Hotel Klimczok**** has in offer 125 rooms and 8 suites, the "Impresja" restaurant, the Scottish pub - 'Highlander' and sports facilities, including swimming pool complex, "Baths", beauty salons and beauty spas.
Hotel Alpin is located in the very center of Szczyrk, near the Skrzyczne ski lift, right next to the bus station.
The Center of Congresses and Recreation "Orle Gniazdo" in Szczyrk has over 550 beds in rooms with panoramic views of the Beskids.
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Vagina Café is a typical place, which was created especially for women and for women.
Offers: oriental cuisine in the style of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese prepared by chefs from the Far East.
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